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Get out of your office chair and get re-vitalised. This half day activity is not for the faint hearted and will have your group feeling like an army of hero’s as you help each other progress through the challenges this route offers. Your reckless group will finish this activity exhausted but psyched!

  • Meet your activity leaders on site (or we can pick your group up)
  • On-site safety briefing and dressing your kids in the safety equipment
  • 100m rugged valley descent from the top of the cliff to the sea below
  • First easy jump (1m) into the sea and a photo opportunity
  • Short swim to the rock wall and we start a rock traverse
  • At the end of the rock there is a chance to jump (2m) from a higher point
  • A short but technical traverse leading to a huge rock cut platform
  • A chance to jump at 3m
  • The platform leads to the highest jump (4m) with lower jump options
  • A swim across and through an underwater boulder field to a new rock wall
  • Climb this rock wall traversing to a jump opportunity (2m) on the inside of the cave wall
  • Following the cave wall across boulders
  • Through a tight crawl space
  • In between the huge fallen boulders and tight spaces full of coloured walls
  • A snorkel across the face of the cave until reaching a smaller cave
  • This cave is accessed from the water
  • very dark and small and excellent to shout and scare friends
  • A short climb to reach an abseil point
  • Abseil 15m back down to the sea with a 2m drop into the sea
  • A last chance to have the final swim and short jumps
  • Start the ascent back up the steep sided valley to the roadside finish

All our guides are suitably qualified and experienced and take the safety of all participants seriously. All guides have practised rescue scenarios and always have backup plans to ensure everyone remains as safe as possible. We take all participants out of their comfort zone to help them gain confidence in their own ability. All guides are continuously assessing participants to adjust the activity to suit each person. This ensures everyone goes home safe but completely satisfied!